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Look good.

Feel good.

Be empowered.

Be the beacon that symbolizes confidence and power - because real women can do anything.

Model in Black Swimsuit

Why join our program?

  1. Represent what the brand believes in - women empowerment. Showcase how every woman can be confident, beautiful and powerful.

  2. Be celebrated - Have the chance to be featured in our brand endorsements.

  3. Have increased visibility - Be mentioned in our social media accounts.

  4. Be part of our promotional campaigns - you can have a chance for your photos and testimonials to be posted on our websites and ads!

  5. Earn real money - You will earn a 10% commission for every successful sale that will come from your referral/advocacy.

  6. Get exclusive discounts- You will be gifted an exclusive ambassador discount code that will not be available to regular individuals. 




1. Must be passionate about living a fit lifestyle.

2. Must love motivating people around them.



Question: If I become an ambassador, will I get free activewear? 


Answer: In the effort to have real ambassadors that want to join us to advocate for our brand and what it stands for, we want to ensure that applicants are not joining us just to get free merchandise. So, to model our products, you have to purchase them.

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Apply to our brand ambassador program. 

Become a Chic Fitness Activewear Athlete.